A natural non-toxic approach to reversing hair loss.

Reversing hair loss Naturally

Each and every one of us has been inundated with spurious, fraudulent information about health. I have proof it can be short-sighted to believe FDA-approved drugs are the only reliable way to save your hair.  

Information provided to the public through government institutions, media sources and politically correct dietary guidelines have corrupted objectivity surrounding health.

We are told that only double blind, randomized, placebo controlled studies from prominent journals are the only "worthy" publications offering evidence of cause and effect. However, most information provided to us is not from stringent scientific scrutiny or objective analysis. Moreover, many results from trusted journals are either omitted or skewed to favor the preferred outcome.

There is no law that prohibits omission from large trials, which suggests dangers are ever present in pharmaceuticals. Regardless, many guidelines are derived from epidemiological data and meta analysis, which is far from scientific. With that said, it is best to rely on a number of independent studies to determine whether a product or substance can help with hair loss.

The monopoly concerted by pharmaceutical companies and the FDA on medical education is overwhelming. In brief, information brought to us is anything but objective. 

Freedom of speech is putative at best, as the theoretical "protection" under the U.S. Constitution, does not account for vested interests. The government has vested interests, namely the desire to protect absurd agencies that protect no one except for their own employment.

The actions of the FDA demonstrate pharmaceutical bias that threatens cutting-edge natural medicines simply for printing the scientific truth about their biological actions.   The media supplies mostly inadequate information that more often than not, serves to confuse audiences, leaving them uncertain about efficacy of natural agents.

Finasteride prevents the formation of DHT by reducing inhibiting 5-alpha-reductase enzyme, while testosterone levels do increase as a result (a good thing), so does excess estrogen. In fact, the problem Finasteride was originally intended to treat; BPH (prostate enlargement) misses the true culprit, estrogen! 

Androgenetic hair loss is exacerbated a number of influences; stress, diet, disease states, inherent predispositions, etc.

The etiology of periodontal disease, arthritis, heart disease; hypertension, diabetes, dementia, depression, cancer, osteoporosis and poor libido all share a common trait, an increased likelihood of Male Pattern Baldness (MPB).

Several factors are in involved in MPB besides DHT, these are narrowing of the endothelial column that supports the hair shaft, antigens and paracrine inhibitory mediators depriving transport of dermal papilla cells thru lack of adhesion forces from migration into the hair bulb.  Insulin resistance and pro-inflammatory prostaglandin production by way of diet induces vasoreactive substances, involved in hardened collagen formation (fibrosis) and circulatory impairment.

In light of this, controlling DHT alone is limited.